Graduated High School, What’s Next?


Across our great nation hundreds of thousands of young people have achieved the goal of graduating from high school. A new chapter in their life begins. The transition from the crowded halls of high school, with clicks and childhood friendship is behind you. The real world awaits, how will you face it? What skills, education and experience will you need to forge a bright and successful future. How do you make the dreams you thought, wrote about and told your friends about a reality? There is no simple answer but I can tell you that some of the good stuff you learned in high school you can also apply and will help you in this new frontier called, adulthood.

Here are just some tips:
Let’s look at it like building a house, a car, or anything good. It must consist of a strong foundation. A good home is always built on a solid foundation. Instead of calling this foundation cement, steel, wood and nails we’ll call them principles. These principles are the same stuff your elders, coach, priest talked to you about and they never change. They go by names like truth, honesty, integrity, courage, and respect. As you step out into the world carry these principles always close at hand. They are the most valuable currency and it never expires. There is much to be learned in the form of life experience but staying true and consistent to these valuable principles will allow you to weather any of life’s circumstances. The future is yours and the same stuff that helped you succeed in sports, band, or JROTC is the same stuff that will propel your future. Be persistent, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and follow your heart.

How to get the break you’re looking:
You do have to prove something, you have to start somewhere. The best place to start is by first giving and being of service to others. Do what most aren’t willing to do and that will make you stand out from the crowd. Become a leader, seek out greater responsibility, and don’t be afraid to make decisions or mistakes. Develop leadership skills and discipline, it becomes habit and when things get tough these good habits will pull you through. Keep learning and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone, this is where you will grow the most. Being in your comfort zone breeds complacency and complacency leads to apathy, and apathy leads to failure.

Wraping it up:
There is much to be learned and everyday is an opportunity waiting to happen. Be true to yourself, make decisions, don’t quit, and don’t take yourself too serious, no one gets out alive.

Godspeed and congratulations,
Sfc Josue Cevallos
National Guard Recruiter


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