What is Focus?

“People fail because of broken focus”

To succeed in anything in life you need FOCUS.  There’s a saying that goes the only reason people fail is because of broken focus. How true it is and how staying the course no matter how difficult circumstances are, it makes believers out of us. Think of focus like a magnifying glass upon a piece of paper. Once the light is focused on a central point that piece of paper catches on fire. That’s how powerful focus is. Keep that in mind when you set out to accomplish any objective. It sounds easy but most of the time people give up before they even start on a task or goal.  They think of a reason why something won’t work, or what others think.

The other thing that happens is people will start toward a goal, as soon things get challenging and they happen to see something  easier or better come along, they will drop what they have.  To go in pursuit of that new idea, job, or relationship. You get the drift. Soon they come to realize that its not any better and there are drawbacks and challenges to everything in life.  The pattern continues and they move on to the next best thing, eventually they realize had they just stuck to the original plan, idea, or relationship it would have paid off. Every great challenge is so much sweeter when you overcome and don’t give up. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.  I have been recruiting for almost 8 years. I had a very hard time when I first started, although I worked hard it seemed that the harder I worked the worse I did.  It really challenged and tested me. It was a really humbling experience for me since I had always excelled in everything else I had ever done in my military career.  I always exceeded standards and got recognized for my efforts.  As a recruiter this was the first time that I really sucked to put it bluntly, although I really was trying.  For some reason it wouldn’t come together.  It was frustrating and puzzling.  The one thing I learned from all previous challenges was to not give up and keep trying, experimenting and having faith that someday I would figure it out. I have stayed the course, I have fallen on my face multiple times but I never gave up.

Today I can say that now I am enjoying a very successful career in recruiting. You must first start off with believing in what you do, believing in yourself and FOCUS on achieving your goals. Trust me its worth the pain and sacrifice. In closing FOCUS is about discipline, not allowing yourself to get side tracked, not making excuses, learning, testing, failing but never ever giving up!

National Guard Quarterly Challenge Awards-Focus pays off

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