Recruiting Office ‭(808) 341-6333‬


4510 Salt Lake Blvd, Suite A4

Honolulu HI  96818

Which is more important? Education or Experience? Most of us are told to get good grades so we can get into a good college, get a good education and then land a great job.

Have you looked at the economy lately? That advice may have to be reexamined! There are many recent college graduates who did everything their parents, their teachers, counselors and aunt told them.

Yet now they find themselves with a college degree in hand, a nice $50,000 student loan they need to start making payments on, and no sign of that high paying job. What is an education without experience. What good is your college degree if you are: a) unemployed, b) working next to a high school drop out. It may give you bragging rights but lets get real – How smart does that make you look?

Don’t get me wrong – education is still essential to success and developing your potential. BUT – what people have taken for granted is that a college education would be a guarantee to success or a great paying job. Its seems everyone jumped on the bandwagon about that recipe for success. By the time you graduate high school it’s so ingrained that you recite it like a parrot.

The real truth is that an education is only one part of that recipe. Today you need education; and experience, leadership, confidence, time and money to make it happen.

You also need a way to leverage an opportunity so that you can get all of these things without having to pay out of pocket, going into debt, working 2 jobs or taking 10 years to get that degree.

SO – what if instead you could get paid to get these benefits? An opportunity that can leverage your time, put money in your pocket and give you the skills required for success?

Sound to good to be true? Well, there does exist an opportunity where you can gain hands on experience, get technical training and find out what you might want to do as a profession.

  • You will learn discipline and  leadership skills.
  • You’ll also get in good physical shape.
  • You will develop both mentally and physically.

Once you achieve these goals you will further your training. You will also be afforded the opportunity to further your education. You can focus on learning while serving part time one weekend a month.

Imagine: work part time and get your education paid for – while at the same time developing your leadership skills, being part of a team and making a difference in your community.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well its not, its the Hawaii Army National Guard. If this plan makes sense to you, and you want to get an education, gain life experience and do something you can feel proud of – call me: ‭(808) 341-6333‬

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