Do I Qualify

General Requirements


To qualify for enlistment into the National Guard, you need to:

  • Be between the the ages of 17 and 34+9 months (unless you have prior U.S. military service, or a specialized professional skill, such as a chaplain, lawyer or certain medical specialties)
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident alien
  • Meet necessary moral requirements moral requirements:
    Some law violations may require a waiver for you to enlist, while others may permanently disqualify you from military service. Contact a recruiter for more information.
    Contact a recruiter*
    and  medical requirements medical requirements:
    You must be in generally good health, with no disqualifying conditions, in order to enlist in the National Guard. You will be required to pass a physical, which is given by one of our doctors. You must also pass a drug screening test.  Contact a recruiter for more information.
    Contact a recruiter

*For a list of legal violations which will permanently disqualify you from serving, click here.

Height and Weight Requirements

Guard Soldiers need to be in excellent condition, and fall within certain ranges of height and weight, to fulfill the physical demands of military service. To see if you comply, contact us at ‭(808) 341-6333‬

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