Army National Guard Recruiter ‭(808) 341-6333‬

You can achieve your education and career goals in the Hawaii Army National Guard.  For more information call ‭(808) 341-6333‬

The Hawaii Army National Guard is a reserve component of the Army.

We are called citizen soldiers.  What sets us apart from the reserves is that we are the first line of defense when our state needs us. We also support the Active Duty Army when we are called upon by the president.  In essence we have two responsibilities: first to the State of Hawaii and second to the nation.

BENEFITS As a result of these two responsibilities we receive benefits from both.

You can take advantage of excellent college benefits like the Montgomery GI Bill, Federal Tuition Assistance, Commissary, PX, affordable healthcare, Paid job training and leadership training.

We have many careers to choose from.  They range from Administration, Aviation, Construction and Mechanics to Communication, Medical, Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Water Purification.

QUALIFICATIONS There are certain qualification requirements you must meet to become a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard.

You will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) of tests and score within a certain percentile.  You will also be required to take a medical physical examination,  fill out an extensive application and pass a background check.  If you meet these requirements you will be eligible for enlistment.

Our training, pay scale, and rank structure is the same as the Army’s and the Army Reserve’s.  When you attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) you will be with members of the Active Army and Army Reserves.   Your initial training is conducted on the mainland and once your training is complete you will return back to Hawaii.

Get More Information Now about the Hawaii Army National Guard, fill out the short form below and we will contact you.  Give us a call at ‭(808) 341-6333‬   if you have any questions.

**Privacy Statement:Your privacy is important to us.  Your information will never be shared with any 3rd party entity.

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